Monday, October 31, 2011

A Brief Trial Run

So who are we? we are The Nation, and that nation shall be addressed as (E)lite (D)eath (M)ob (N)ation. We are on online family that has spread onto social networks, and onto real life. Our goal is to be better than our opponents at anything and everything that we do, but we do it right. No modding, no bullshit, no lag, just pure ass beatings...pure sniping, pure shotgunning, and heavy killing. The head is the Sun, and he shines on all of us. If you come accroos us, feel free to give us some props, and even look up to us cause you will never know who the next great EDMN member may be.....could be you. Anything from, rainbow 6, MW, battlefield, GOW, Read dead, magic the gathering, and even rockband...we are not biased, we will best you in Donkey Kong if need be. We have the greatest mix of wondeful folks in this family....From canada, to texas, male and female, old and young, we are the mix...Theres approx. 8 days for the world to feel us once more, WW3 or MW3, here we go. feel free to say hello, hell free to hate on us cause simply we are virgins...we dont give a fuck, we will always prevail. Godspeed competion, Godspeed.


  1. My comes comitis....

    We are not to be intimidated or copied agnosco?
    EDMN is non-comparo. We are E L I T E adhuc to this online warfare society. Spreading like a ferus virus across the internet, the plan....World Domination like a aranea. Waving the black flag under the shining sun, globalizing this bellicus clan across the WORLD no fear... if so FUGIO!

    Originating out of Amerika our colors don't run, cado bodies run deep and the ground cries for blood. Gain Respect every concepta, warfare is our pleasure, better than your clan... caveo cavi cautum.

    The Nation is crim della crim. We unlock all arma and attachments Legit. Don't cheat with a 10th prestige lobby what you see on the battlefield is what you get. Certo. Inde, from there I will discover your infirmitas.

    EDMN Master at Arms - Elite Mob North Command